We Make It Unreasonable For Agencies & High Ticket Info Businesses Not To Take Home $50k Profit Every Month.

Let Us Build & Implement A New Client Acquisition Infrastructure For Your Offer.
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Half A Mill Process

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How you can add an extra 50-100k in mrr effortlessly

In the video below you can find a complete breakdown on the easiest way to add an extra 50k to 100k in Monthly Returning Revenue for your online service within 3-6 months of starting the system.
This is the same method that allowed me to scale to 100k/month and beyond with Clientacquisition.io.

Access Our 5 Phases Road Map To Clearing $500k-1M in 12 months.

This isn't your traditional program where you get a course and two group calls per week. This is a roadmap built to help any service provider scale past $50,000/month as fast as possible.

We'll not only provide you with the right insights, the best client acquisition systems for your offer & niche, but we will build them for you and provide you with the most affordable team to run these systems on your behalf.

You pay, we remove you from working inside your business & we build the systems and the team to add half a million $ in new Annual Recurring Revenue for your business.

Real success stories from my students:

Ammar Suthan's Success Story

Customer Interview

In this interview, you'll learn about Ammar journey and how he recently switched to selling Tiktok as a mechanism to help e-commerce brands scale, which has led to a ridiculous amount of growth in such a short time.

Michael Dogan's Success Story

Customer Interview

Check out this video to listen to the conversation I had with Michael Dogan, founder of a social media marketing agency.

Sayf - 14 years old E-commerce agency owner's Success Story

Customer Interview

In this video we are going over how Sayf leveraged a paid audience of 17k Ecommerce store owners and closed a consulting deal from that audience!

Shannon's Success story

Customer Interview

Shannon joined the program a few weeks ago, 4 days after joining, she had made her investment back from leveraging an audience and offering DWY service. She's a bright entrepreneur who's getting after it, so get inspired.

Cassin Mukire's Success Story

Customer Interview

In this cool video, you'll get to learn about Javier's journey and how he spent more than a year struggling to grow his agency, to growing it to 10k in MRR in 5 weeks after joining the Half a Mill Program.

Garin Rusdi's Success Story

Customer Interview

Before working with Garin, he had spent three months doing his own outreach and sending hundreds of personalized looms only to land 2 meetings that didn't close, as any rational person, he realized that this wasn't a sustainable way to do things so he started looking for a virtual assistant to delegate the outreach to.

A friend ended up referring me to him as we have a community of trained appointment setters and we ended up jumping on a call, during which I showed Garin some of our past results and he decided to sign up!

In order to help Garin sign his first customer, we not only placed a trained virtual assistant in his agency but we got him to implement our six figures in sixty days outbound prospecting campaign!

Richard Oki's Success Story

Customer Interview

We connected after he had responded to one of my instagram story where I was critiquing a guru's new offer which he found funny since he had bought a solution from that expert which wasn't working as promised for him.

That solution was email outreach, Rich was relying solely on email outreach to acquire meetings and he realized that it had hit a ceiling, so he came to us looking for a better, more scalable & predictable client acquisition process. 

A few months later, Rich grew his MRR from $13,000 to $37,000. We helped him train his virtual assistants, leverage Instagram as new outreach channel, leverage personalized video sales letters and meetings started raining down.

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How Are We able To Help Any Online Service Business Owner To Add An Extra $500k+ in Annual Recurring Revenue?

We follow the simple steps below

Offer Perfection
The most important thing that any business owner can ever focus on is the Thing that the business offers to the Market.

Our main focus with each customer is to get them to stop being a commodity by creating an offer that Makes it Unreasonable for prospects to say No and by Charging a premium price.

With an Irresistible offer & a high ticket price, you can easily dominate in your niche and achieve financial freedom pretty fast.

Screenshot taken from within the DFY Half a Mill Systems Implementation Program, our Phase 2 is 100% on creating the perfect offer that will fill out your calendar.

Outbound Prospecting Mastery
We've managed to stay away from ads & leverage the Lost Art Of Outbound prospecting to scale our own consulting offer to $140k/month.

We build & implement outbound campaigns that have the potential to add six figures to your top line every six weeks.

We pick the right social channel for your offer, find a paid audience of your ideal clients who are dealing with the exact problem that you solve & who are ready to buy.

Set up KPIs & new standards for your campaign(s) that make it unreasonable for you not to achieve your revenue goal.

In Phase 3, you'll learn everything you need to start your $100'000+ prospecting campaign and how you can gain an advantage on your competition by hiring VAs.

Build A Growth Team
@Clientacquisition.io we understood one thing, which is the fact that whatever success we're aiming for, only comes as a result of a specific infrastructure.

Following the Law of Cause & Effect, we help our customers build Growth Teams that behave as the cause & create the desired Effect which can be an additional 25k, 50k or 100k/month.

The Growth teams are made of highly trained $3/hour Virtual Assistants or Commission Only Appointment setters.

The goal is to remove our customers from working inside the business & being a bottleneck, and to let a team of hungry superstars make appointments rain out of thin air.
Sales Asset Creation Mastery
Ever wondered how even with the right offer & the right amount of volume of outreach, you're still not able to scale fast? 

The solution to this problem is what we call Sales Asset Creation Mastery, we help our customers become experts in their fields and blanket the market with content/assets that sells 24/7 while their team is using force to generate attention!

This isn't the typical "do a facebook live per day to attract customers",

We provide you with a content framework & distribution process that creates the belief in your audience that THEY NEED YOUR OFFER.
The Right Community
As much as your environment determines your life, it also determines the level at which you get to play at in business.

The How and the What, have already been figured out by millions of people but somehow you're still struggling to grow your business, why is that?

In case you didn't know, it's most likely due to the lack of the right community to support you!

I've built a community of superstar entrepreneurs who keep each other accountable while ridiculously scaling their businesses.
Our End Goal
Our journey with Clientacquisition.io is to make unreasonable for your business not to have your calendar completely booked with people eager to start working with you. Adding an extra $500'000/year will be just the beginning.

Let us help you and your business.

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What our customers say about us

Just some testimonials from our customers in the past year.

4.8/5 (264)

After joining the Half a Mill Program, I was able to consistently scale my DFY Ads Agency to $35,000+/month, even hitting a $8,000/day in cash collected which was in total $32,000 of contracted revenue.

Cormac Donnellan


Only 4 days after joining the Half a Mill Program, I woke up to a Stripe notification. I closed a client on a $1,500/project at $500 a week for 3 weeks. Couldn't be happier!

Aryan Jha

CEO at Organic inbound

After barely 3 weeks of joining the Half a Mill Program, me and my business partner Axel have closed over 5
clients and surpassed our goal of $10,000/month with our agency!
We are aiming even higher in the new year.

Cassin Mukire

founders at TANGO SCALE

Thanks to the modules on content creation in the Half a Mill Program, I was able to create content for my target niche and spark interest in multiple 7-figures business owners. I've since scaled my agency over the $20,000/month mark.

Patrick O'Driscoll


Thanks to the mindset, perspective and decision-making modules in the Half a Mill Program, I was able to scale my agency from $15,000/month to $30,000/month in just 6 weeks. That is $15,000 extra in Monthly Recurring Revenue in a little over a month.

Richard Oki


A little recap over the last coupe of months with the Half a Mill Program: I closed 2 clients on the same day back in August, both for $1,500/month + 7% ROAS for 3 months. In October, I closed another for $2,000/month + 10% ROAS for 4
months. In total contracted revenue we are at over $20,000 including the ROAS deals. My agency has skyrocketed!

Javier Cantu

CEO at B360 Digital

After changing and perfecting my Niche, I was able to scale my TikTok agency from $0/month to $60,000/month in just 7 weeks! That's almost $700,000/year in a little over a month.

Ammar Sulthan

CEO at adtok

Thanks to the Half a Mill Program and the Clientacquisition.io team, I was able to close my first consulting client at $1,750/month, which was then followed suit by another at $2500/month. They really showed me that age is just a number, at 14 I can close deals easier than I can get a car ride to go to the doctor.

Sayf Hussain

ceo at Consistency

I was able to close my first ever client at $4,000/month + 10% ROAS and not even a month later, my second client at $2,000/month + 10% ROAS. It's crazy how easy sales are when you have the right systems in place!

Huy Tam Nguyen


Just a couple weeks after joining the program, I was able to book 5 meetings in 1 week! Those sales calls turned into 2 paying clients: both at $1,500/month for 3
months. In total, $9000 contracted in just a few weeks.

Andrew Nevarez


Within a few weeks of joining the program, I closed a client for £16,000 over 3 months and then a website client for £12,000 + VAT within the same week! That makes this a £28,000+/week for my agency.

Oliver Farraud

CEO at true point digital

Thanks to the Half a Mill Program and the Community's support, just a few days after signing a £4,000 client, I closed another at £1,400/month! That's over £5,400+ (including the ROAS deals) in less than a week.

Ion Prodaus


Thanks to the Half a Mill Program strategies on leveraging audiences, I was able to hit $7,000/month with my agency in July 2021. I was later able to get 2 back to back $10,000/months in November and December, 2021.

Shivam Gupta

CEO at onelinelab

Some Amazing Testimonials

Some of the testimonials our customers sent to
us after going through our Half a Mill Program.

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